Monday, 29 January 2018

Susan the S in S&J Talk Ballet
her comments after Saturday 27 January Beginner Improver Ballet and Beginner Pointe Class with Mark Kimmett

It was lovely to see some new faces at the 11am class at Arts Ed yesterday and all age groups were well represented. There were six of us for the pointe class which is lovely, but there is still plenty of room for more dancers to join in, so if you are curious, do give it a try. 
On the subject of pointe, I would love to hear views ( negative or positive ) on the different brands of the pointe shoe. I have heard that the Gaynor Minden shoes are the best, but are very expensive at nearly a £100 a pair! It seems a lot to pay for a 30-minute class once per week for an old amateur. I do need to get some new pointe shoes and the shop that I purchased my current pair have moved to the north of England, so I am looking for any suggestions anyone may have.

Photo: Susan in Mark's Beginner Pointe Class
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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Susan of S&J talk Ballet
Her thoughts on Saturdays Beginner Improvers Class

I hope everyone has enjoyed their first week back after the break! I certainly enjoyed being back and didn’t find it as difficult as I had anticipated. Sadly, there were quite a few regular faces missing from Saturday’s class with Mark Kimmett and the subsequent pointe class. I do hope that they have not been struck down by one of the many ‘bugs’ that seem to be circulating. It was lovely to see some new faces in the class though and hope they become regulars. 

For anyone wishing to purchase new dancing attire, many of the outlets including Bloch have still got sales on.
Lastly, Happy 14th Anniversary Ballet4Life!

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Saturday Beginner Improvers Ballet with Marl

Friday, 5 January 2018

and more from J for Julia of S & J Talk Ballet!
Our very own #silverswan

 Best wishes for 2018 to all you budding dancers out there! 

Susan and I are really looking forward to getting back to the ballet barre!!

There are now two new exciting classes to enjoy this term. The Beginner Follow-on Class is at 10.15 am starting this Monday, 8th January at the large light dance studio at St Peter's Hall in Chiswick. ( Southfield Road, London W4 1bb- E3 bus stop out front ) This is also Ballet4life's 14th Anniversary so the day and week will be filled with celebrations, special offers, and new visitors to the studio! Can't wait!

This new class will be taught by Chris as well as the new General Exercise Class starting Saturday 13th January at 11 am at the Arts Educational School, 14 Bath Road, London W4 1LY, near Turnham Green Station. Chris is a friendly and accomplished teacher and is very welcoming to all!

So hopefully we can all tick exercise off our 2018 to do list!!.. Best wishes, Julia 

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Taken at Chris' Ballet Class

S for Susan of S & J Talk Ballet
Our very own #silverswan!

Happy New Year to one and all. I am hoping that this year will be a great year of dance for us all!

I personally am going to set myself some realistic dance goals that I hope I can achieve.
It seems such a long time since I last took part in a dance class but I have tried to keep active over the break so I hope my body does not complain too much after the first class.
There are so many classes to chose from and it would be good to try something new, the General Level Contemporary Class on a Wednesday morning led by Mark looks interesting. 
I am trying to get my husband to try the new Exercise Class on Saturday at 11am with Chris at Arts Ed but I do not know how successful I will be!

It would be wonderful if more people tried the Pointe Class at Arts Ed on Saturdays. The class is only 30 minutes long, but is fun and builds on the techniques taught in the previous class. Mark is a very encouraging and supportive instructor who teaches to each dancers individuality. I urge you to give it a try, it isn’t anywhere near as painful as you might think.

Whatever class or classes you take I wish you a year of dancing fun!

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Taken at Mark Kimmett's Saturday Pointe Class

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Master Classes with Donna & Alina

S & J of S & J Talk Ballet are back! Happy 2018 everyone!
Our very own pair of #silverswans are ready to get back to the barre next week!

J for Julia has this to say about the end of last term's Master Classes:

Two Excellent End of Term Master Classes

The Ballet4life Autumn Term ended on a real high as the students were treated to two amazing Master Classes!
The first of these splendid classes was given by former Professional Dancer, Director and Founder of Ballet4Life, Donna.
The room was full to the brim with enthusiastic students who knew they were about to challenge and improve their dancing skills!.... They were not to be disappointed as all were delighted by taking part in such an uplifting joyful and fun class. Donna's calm, expert teaching gave her students much confidence which I'm sure will continue into their classes next term!...

Next was a unique class taught by Alina Luts, who hails from Ukraine, and we were about to be enchanted by Russian and Spanish dance moves!
Firstly we took to the barre and marvelled at the elegance of the Russian way of flicking our legs in and out which is very familiar to an Argentine Tango move, as I'm sure all you Strictly fans will remember! Then it was the turn of the proud Spanish flaying of the arms and stamping of the feet at which we all wanted to shout "Ole!"
Before this fascinating class had to sadly come to an end, we were first shown and then took part in a small excerpt from the Ball Scene in Swan Lake. Although we all won't be auditioning for a part just yet,... we thoroughly enjoyed this unique experience and will take away many fond memories of a very enjoyable day.

We look forward to happily dancing our way through 2018!

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Hounslow Business Awards 2017

J for Julia says:

A few weeks ago there was a buzz of excitement at Ballet4life, as founder and director, Donna had been nominated as a finalist in two categories of the Hounslow Business Awards! They were for Entrepreneur of the Year, for Ballet4life and also for Charity of the Year, for her much loved charity, Move into Wellbeing® for people with Parkinson's and other mobility restrictions.
Much to her regret Donna was unable to attend this prestigious event, and I was therefore fortunate enough to represent Ballet4life on this important occasion, which was held at the Hilton Hotel in the beautiful grounds of Syon Park.
Inside the setting was magical, with rows of fairy-lit twinkling trees and elegantly dressed guests sat at tables, laden with tasty dishes of food! What was not to like?!
We all waited with heightened anticipation for the main event of the evening...the results! There were many diverse companies assembled all hoping for a successful result.
Finally, the results were in, and one by one the categories were read out and winning candidates called up to the podium to receive their award and to give a brief description of their company.
It was a very proud moment for us all at Ballet 4life  when Donna was awarded with Highly Commended in the Entrepreneur category, which was followed by a speech given by Tava Walton of gsk with a glowing report on the inspiring tuition given to the many clients who attend the ballet classes and the excellent work with the Move into Wellbeing® Charity.

Congratulations, well done Donna and thanks for all your excellent tuition!

Friday, 20 October 2017

S & J Talk Ballet

Friday update for all dance lovers out there, especial those 55+!

First up Susan, of S J talk Ballet, is on a break at present to deal with pressing family issues. We wish Susan continued strength and we give her our unlimited support. She still thoroughly enjoys her adult ballet classes with us and insists that those keep her grounded and full of vim and vigour.

J for Julia, on the other hand, has been dancing and socialising non-stop! She attended the #HounslowAwards recently on behalf of and
Ballet4life's Director Donna was a Finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award and Move into Wellbeing® was a Finalist in the Best Charity of the Year Award. Her next blog after this one will reveal what happened so watch this space!

For today she wanted to blog about Monday morning Ballet Barre Class with our newest bright star, teacher  Chris.

 Julia says:

There is such a variety of dance classes to choose from at Ballet4life, that making the decision of which one to opt for, is like delving into a yummy box of chocolates!
One of the classes that I have recently become familiar with, is the Monday class at 9.15 Beginner Ballet Barre and Dance Fitness, at the Chiswick Studio, which is led by accomplished dance teacher Chris Christodoulou.
Chris hails from Cyprus and has a wealth of dance experience, starting with his professional dance training in Athens, through to his acceptance and involvement at the Hellenic Dance Company, and much, much more besides, which can be sourced from the newsy Ballet4life website.
We are so fortunate to have him teaching at Ballet4life, and look forward to our class every Monday. This class is welcoming to all, but especially those who would like to start learning the basic ballet skills. Hope to see you soon at the ballet barre!...Julia